Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let Go, Let God

Before you read on, I should warn you, this post is written whilst I'm feeling inspired, so it may lack even more clarity than usual. It is written based on my thoughts after doing something I don't usually do. I went outside to a nice spot tonight and just sat there with some music. While I was there, this post came into my mind and I felt the need to write it. I was pretty sure my next post was going to be on conscience, that is no longer the case. It features quite a lot of information from various different sources, some from a very long time ago and some more recent... here goes.

A very long time ago (by very long I mean a few months) I heard a comment on my scrupe forum that struck me. It struck me so much that it became a quote on my facebook page, that quote is the title of this post 'Let go, let God'. I thought it was a beautiful quote, something that would be a really good idea to do not only for scrupers but for people in general. I didn't think much more of this quote at the time and it seemed to pass from my memory.

Lets fast forward to just a few days ago, a close friend of mine said something along the lines of 'don't chase, wait for God', what she was referring to isn't important, the important point here is, I made a bit of a joke of this at the time and the thought passed from my mind fairly quickly.

Now lets get to today. If you ask my housemates they'll say I've acted strange today, I suspect I may get some questions on it at some point. I've been for a walk on my own and I've been to sit somewhere I haven't been despite living here for over 6 months. I can understand their questions, I would likely ask questions too. I can assure them however, if they read this, there is no problem! So what happened today, well I was sat outside just looking at the nice view and thinking and back into my mind came 'Let go, Let God'. This time however it came back as more than a nice saying, it came back with real meaning, back to my mind came the comment my friend made to me and this time it made complete sense. Further, to my mind came a song I've been listening to a lot recently by a group I highly recommend called Rush of Fools. The song in question is called Fame and some of the lyrics are:

I have tried to follow, I have tried to lead
I have failed at everything
I have been the culprit to my selfish needs, made everything but You my King

I couldn't be any less worthy
To spend one day much less forever with You

I lift my hands just as I am, I'm letting go of false control
I lift my voice, I have no choice
My life is Yours, use me for Your fame, Your fame

Letting go, as you can see was suddenly upon me from every angle, I now know clearly the situation. I know the song made sense, my friends comment was spot on, the quote from all those months back was important. As I sat there and looked around me I was reminded that my God is the creator God. That letting go to my God was letting go to the God who made all that was around me, the God that spoke the world into existence, the God that flung the stars into space. Letting go to God isn't putting my life into the hands of anybody, its putting my life into the safest place possible. Its putting my life where it should have been all along.


Sheila said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your article on ERP. I am a counselor and found your site while looking for some information on ERP. Also liked your poem. Very apt for anyone in the Lord. Thanks and blessings. Sheila

Calvin Thomas said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for your comments, it is always encouraging to receive comments! I hope you found some of the information useful, if you have any questions please feel free to ask either on here or via email!

ems d said...

We really should have talked before - you are a man after my own heart!

"Letting go to God isn't putting my life into the hands of anybody, its putting my life into the safest place possible. Its putting my life where it should have been all along."

This was a lesson it took me a good time to learn (we never fail a class with God, we just have to resit it sometimes!) Here was my problem. I was all OK with God 'being in control of my life' all the time it was going pretty much the way I wanted. I was happy with his 'ownership' and felt he was doing a good job mainly because he agreed with me! (I know, I know! - I never said I was clever!) Then a situation occured that I wasn't in control of and that was excruciatingly painful -and one that God could easily (being God and all) sorted out. See, I KNEW what was best for my life and I couldn't understand why his plans differed to mine. At this impasse -well after a long, long time of complete rebellion and then broken repentance- it dawned on me that God not only had the right to rule over me - but that his rule would be right. It was a really painful experience. I had to let go of control of my own life (not easy for a Project Manager) and give it to him. If I am honest that was the point I really had a Lord (I was saved years before but I'd kept much of my life as 'my own') But now, looking back I can't beleive I didn't do it sooner. How stupid was I to think that I could possibly do a better job of running my life than an omnipotent, all-loving God???

My life is in the safest of hands - and a good job as I have a feeling the ride he is going to take me on isn't a sunday stroll - its a roller coaster!!