Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blog Updated, an explanation of changes

Ok, i've recently updated the look and feel of the blog and thought i'd quickly explain what i've done:

Firstly, i've updated to the new blogger beta which has among other things made controlling how the blog looks significantly easier and as a consequence i've tried to make it as easy to use as possible.

What changed:

1) The template being used has changed to a clearer one that shows up bold font much better and infact any changes of font better. I also think its a nicer looking template.

2) I've slightly modified this template by adding a few extra links sections for seperating the articles, so that finding articles on the main topics is easier. To avoid having huge lists of articles, i'll limit this to the articles I think are most useful to people. If anyone finds other articles useful please let me know and i'll update accordingly.

3) The about me and links section are now below the articles list, i've tried to put these in the order that i'd think ia most useful to people.

4) I've renamed the sections to make understanding what is in each section as easy to understand as possible, i've also renamed the links section to offline links so as to show people they will be taken to an external site.

5) Finally i've limited the amount of articles shown on the homepage to five, I think a huge scroll list is a bit annoying for people.

If any of these changes are not beneficial please let me know and i'll change things back, finally if any other changes would be useful please let me know.

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