Saturday, September 09, 2006

Calv's Spot - A Blog Entry About This Blog

I thought that now this blog was in a reasonable state with a few entries I would give an explanation of this blog and some of the things on it, most of it is very straight forward and self explanatory but I will explain as much as I can anyway.

What you may see at the moment is that all of the entries are about software, this is not planned to always be the case. I have had a lot of time at home recently and have spent a lot of time on my computer and so have found several things to blog about, expect the diversity of things to improve as time goes on. I am hopeful of entries on Christianity, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Big sports events and many other things, there is also a possibility of some articles written by others on topics they are considerably more specialised on, these will be clearly labelled to give credit to the author.

The links section on the website may expand, shrink or stay as it is. Its aim is to feature things that are related to the primary goals of the blog. These goals may however change over time and thus the links may change with it. I will aim to keep these links in some sort of order, at the moment they are ordered in category, if the list gets large I may switch this to be alphabetic or another method.

If anyone would like to have an article on this blog feel free to email me with the article and your name, if I feel it is appropriate I will post it, if I feel it is inappropriate I will do my best to respond with my reasoning as to why I haven't posted it.

My aim is to keep this blog updated on a regular basis but I will try not to post just for the sake of posting, my hope is that all of my posts will either be entertaining or of use to someone.

If you have any comments about the blog, also feel free to email me.

Note: The feed from this blog is fully active so one can also get regular updates through the feed, if you notice any problems with the site or feed please let me know.

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