Thursday, September 07, 2006

Flock - The Best Web Browser?!

Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

A new web browser for anyone to take a look at,

1) Excellent if you use blogs, makes them so easy to use!

2) RSS Feeds are handled much better in my opinion, they just work better! The descriptions are better, I like the seperate panel etc (Ok I know extensions in firefox!)

3) The photobar, not really useful for me but I like it a lot

4) Drag and drop text or pictures to the bottom of the screen and it stores it, much better than opening a text editor and its integrated beautifully

5) Add to that most firefox extensions work (So far I have mouse gestures, Diigo (my favourite) and Adblock)

6) The theme is intuitive and nice

7) Speed, not as quick as Opera but faster than firefox 1.5 which it is based on

Overall, its an excellent web browser, particularly if your a blogger but even if your not! This is beta software (that means pre-release, not finished) so its not perfect but it is already very stable and apart from not being able to set how often feeds refresh I haven't had any other problems.

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