Saturday, September 16, 2006

Google Personalised Home

A while back I looked into the homepage, it is a site where you can personalise one page (with multiple tabs) online and use it as a homepage (or that seems to be the idea at least!) with it was OK, but for me it was a little slow and awkward, setting it up took too long and there was not enough variety in things for the page.

This has changed with the Google Personalised home, it requires a google email account, but is considerably more intuitive than the homepage and links in well with many other useful google (and non google) features. I particularly like the integration with the Google Calendar and Gmail but any other services you use are fully accessible. I now have a homepage set up (took me about 5 mins) with these features:

1) Google Calendar

2) Weather

3) Quotes of the Day

4) Jokes

5) ESV Bible Verse

6) Dictionary

7) Wikipedia (Encyclopedia)

8) Driving directions (via google maps)

9) Babelfish (A translator)

The page opens very quickly on my connection and remembers things you are logged into (such as google calendar/gmail)

Its worth trying out, seems to work on any Operating System and with any Web Browser

Go to and click personalised home!

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